Our Garden

I planted these the first day you touched my heart.

Your presence felt stronger than any other soul that passed me.

I used to kill flowers for them,

because L-O-V-E was doing anything for that person.

But killing flowers,

is killing love.

So I planted these seeds to watch our love grow,

instead of fading like the crinkling leaves of my past mistakes.

I watered them with with my tears,

which you stabbed out of my throat.

You gave it light with your pearls,

And I watched them grow every day.

And every day,

you opened my heart.

The same way I watched the flowers open their wings.

But sun after moon,

your smile began to crinkle,

my heart lost its color,

my throat felt dry and stale,

the way that your mouth tasted whenever I tried to kiss you.


My tears began to shower,

as I fell underwater and drowned,

willingly with our dead flowers,

to save myself from your grip.


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