Opening Doors

By the Window


Her eyes always open

her mouth closed

when she watches outside

looking through the window


She seldom hears the truth

mysterious because no one ever knows

she sees the flower dance through the window


reality seems so far away

but yet it seems so close

from watching the world through the screens of the window


her family was absent

her heart a broken mess

the window was the only place where she wept


her bodies scarred with malicious words all the things that people said

it knocked her down so deep and hard

by the window is where she is instead


she looks at life in a different way

The curtains rarely close

because the way she sees things is from the window

the wheels are always turning

taking everything in

she always seems

to be somewhere studying


studying the way the neighbors laugh

studying the way they do their hair

studying all their friends, that party

every friday without a care


She always stays by that window

never opens the door

she sees all the adventures

but she never explores


But school is out

time to start again

find herself

make other friends

get out from the window

go to the stream

and wash away

the hateful words that viciously stained

and soon enough

she will be again

a girl no different


Under lock and key

His image stands with popularity misunderstood

everybody always talks

he never gave any love a chance

no ever has found the key to his locks


his heart has been protected

and a door of bricks that pile up and block

with layers of insulation

that can’t be opened with any lock

his mind is always running

but he has only one dream

to find someone who will open the lock

and not label him as what he seems


His smile is too charming ,

he’s so good at playing the game

but he never truly wins

and it’s only himself to blame


his words are few

although everyone seems to be obsessed

he gets confused easily

but understands how to comfort  others who are depressed

his locks are made of gold

but are starting to get rusted

he refuses to open them

to someone who can’t be trusted


And so he waits and hopes one day

someone won’t see him as a jock

he is waiting for that not so perfect stranger

who might be worthy of opening his locks


Opening Doors

She watches as

he gives a haircut to the grass

the blonde curls sunshine out

she smiles to herself and the moment lasts


He can’t believe

that everybodys at the pool

but he’s mowing the grass

trying to make some money, for school


She dares again

to sneak a look at him past

the window, their eyes meet

but she turns away too fast


He’s catches sight

a coco brown, intriguing eyes

a pair that sees your soul

he can’t deny


she comes across

a feeling she has never felt before

her heart tells her

its time to open up the door


He feels a wave

of something he sort of feels

of what those eyes just saw

the part that’s he never reveals


She tells her head

he’s just the boy from across the street

but every single second he comes to mind

her heart skips a beat

He never used to think

of that familiar girl

who lived across the street

but was always in some other world


she saw him the other day

with his big crew walking their way

she turned her head, cheeks flushed

but she wished he would have stayed.


He thinks his summer is going fine

nothing too thrilling

but there is still that hole of unacceptance

that no one is filling


She sees him there

and out of excitement taps on the window tiles

the sun is shining so he shades his face

looks by the windows way, and give her a smile

He heard a noise

it got his attention

he saw the girl,

smiled through the window’s protection.

She couldn’t believe

that the smile was her own

and she cherished  that smile

more than he’d ever know


He was about to leave but

he looked back, with confusion not doubt

shook his head to himself

wondering what that spark was about


She knew what it was

her very own spark

that boy was opening up

something special–her heart


He wanted to go back

wanted to see her again

wanted to figure what they could be

if they tried out as friends


She was delighted

for the next few hours

she felt a hope in herself

she sang to the flowers


He keep glancing at the window

the sunshine reflecting her face

to his surprise

she came out of the place


she felt a shiver

that comes with feeling alive

it was a voice

that had called her inside

He saw her coming

didn’t know what to do

he decided to be himself

his first time being totally true


She had a smile on her face

she was feeling no regrets

the door spilling sunshine in

she feels limitless


He waves hi

he sees her blush

and thinks it’s cute

maybe he has a crush


She’s flooded with words

she wants to say

to this stranger

who she trusts undeniably


Their eyes meet

no other people around

exchange a smile

lost in the sea of chocolate brown.


He feels a shock

he thinks it’s too abrupt

what he getting himself into

when he has never been loved?


She observes his thoughts

and sees the wheels turning

is it possibly he

doesn’t feel the same yearning?


He shakes her off

why even try

how does he know it’s different

he won’t be anyones guy

She holds back tears

it was her first attempt

her first time opening the doors

thinks, how foolish that he’d accept.


He wanders home

and keeps reflecting

he wasn’t seeing how

they could be connecting

He decides

he needs to get out

and at the same park

is that girl running in it thoughtout


She feels the need

for some fresh air

she’s surprised to meet

that boy but doesn’t seem to care.


He saw her face

it was like watching a show

she was running away from something

maybe the reason he might know


She searches her heart

and competes with her mind

she has already sat by

for this love she will have to fight blind


He gets a little startled

wants to run away

when she starts to run

over his way


She smiles for real

and this time even speaks

and makes it obvious that

his care is what she seeks


He tries his best

to find what he wants

he is compelled to her

but afraid it will be a mistake that haunts


She sees him outside

and instantly gets the door

her feet felt enlightened

sure that this time she’ll soar


He had made up his mind

after estimating the chances

mistakes were always taunting and

he didn’t know if this relationship would take advances


She went outside

and with self pride

asked the stranger his name

he let off a strong vibe


He smiled slightly

to the girl and said

he was Jake

with the golden curls on his head


She said she liked it

and ruffled his curls

she said she was Danielle

and he said she was a beautiful girl


He took her hand

and they were assured

this was the love

they were living for


She had the key

it fit in his heart

he opened the door

and let the adventures start


He had found someone

who had fought for his lock

who had valued his carefulness

and understood why he kept up those blocks


She found someone

who brought her outside

he made her feel

like she was alive


They both found a person

who brought out their best

who understood their hearts

and they lived truly blessed.


Everyone needs someone

to help them out of their door

and together you work as a team

and you find your own roar.

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