I’ll Smile if you Smile

we were trying to get back to words

as you left me watching as you flew toward the sky

I guess I held too tight to your rope because it broke along with you

but you were already broken when I found you at the end of the road

or was it you who found me at the beginning of the road

im not quite sure anymore


I guess it took more than words to bound your wounds

because many didn’t even penetrate the surface

even when I saw you start to crack all I could do was stand back

and i watched the pieces fall i was helpless

I was small


I tried to be the hero

I tried to fix your broken bits

but how can you clean up shards of glass if you yourself

are falling through the jagged cracks


I cared more for you

then for myself

I asked you

no I begged you to smile

to laugh

to live


but you said no

I said I would smile if you did

and I haven’t smiled since

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