I Can’t Think Of A Title: Poem Series

Vicious Cycle

Vicious cycle

15 pregnant

16 in jail

15 drugs

16 but still a child

Vicious cycle

15 4.0

16 athlete

15 independent

16 but still a child

Vicious cycle

27 alcoholic

27 drug addict

27 responsible for two lives

27 struggling

Vicious cycle

27 owns car

27 Costa Rica

27 independent

27 my sister

But Dad what was your role

do you fall in the cycle

does she hate you

does she love you

she loves you


you had her

but you were her

a child

but you differ

Vicious cycle

maybe not

we broke it


Untitled #1

I’m standing in the road

I’m grey yet everything is in color

Choking on the fear of the unknown

Drowning in my simpleness

Naked cowboy literally sniffing my hair

slowing falling to my death

but it’s me

uncapable of accepting indifference

yet inevitable



my eternal chaser


Untitled #2

Don’t you dare think for a minute think

I’m anti-social

I attract a crowd

I have a mythological writer across from me

A 27 mean girl

and then there’s me in the center

thinking just for a moment if we

were all dead

red splatter is my vision

knives guns and a blank document

what’s the next horror

how many horrors

the limit does not exist



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