Forced Poem

How do you write a poem?

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing

Do I just keep hitting the return key after every sentence?

Is a line break between two stanzas like a paragraph?

So anyway,

Poems are really ridiculous.

I don’t see it as writing

Even though it technically is






Is somehow allowed

And I can,

for some reason,



    and        make thewordsdowhateverIwant         them to do

AND I Can Make Every Word Start With A Capital Letter

or a lowercase letter

and I can start every

“Sentence” with some odd word

that would usually give me a headache

Due to lack of proper grammar

Which most poems have

I can shape it

With patterns



Have letters in different p l a c e s

I! Can! Also; place pointless…punctuation?

Even if it doesn’t





“I know that writing is about creativity”

And let me tell you

Poetry is creativity


In my opinion

It’s creative in a bad way’

The only way that creativity can be bad

and I feel as if

it takes



Write a story,

Whether it be a short one;

Like a short story,

Or a long one;

Such as a novel,

{{Because every word needs to make sense}}

And stories are more powerful and touching and motivating

Or not motivating!

And stories can impact someone’s life –

Especially when the reader finds a connection with one or more of the characters

Especially if the author also

finds a connection

With one or more their characters

But poems:

Are just moments,

That the reader,

In my opinion

Can’t take away from

Or learn from

And I have proof:

I have never been motivated

Or touched!

Or changed!

By a poem


And I’m sorry if you’re insulted by this!


according to poets

Poetry is about expressing yourself…

And I’m doing just that

I’m expressing how I feel


I’ve been told that my writing is poetic –

(But I don’t agree)

Because I hate that word

Because it can mean so many




I could say that this is poetic


I could say that the most

Heartfelt and amazing simile or metaphor

Is also poetic

And both

Are completely different things



I could type up one or two

Really good “poetic” lines

And ?it could be considered a poem

The lines don’t! even have to relate

As I’ve noticed in times before when reading other poems

And hearing other poems

And it would be an amazing poem

If that’s even possible

But why would I do that

If I could use those lines in a story?

Where the lines are taken to heart

Where the reader carries those lines with them

Where they associate that line with a character

And where it means something more than just a        really good line

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