Conspiracy Theories

What is a fact? A fact is something that is obviously true. But something may seem obviously true to one person and false to another person. Conspiracy theorists mostly accuse someone or something for not being factual. Most conspiracy theories form from one side that has credible evidence to prove one thing and the other side has credible evidence to prove it’s wrong. Often media outlets give platforms to conspiracy theories. Most conspiracy theories are formed in reaction to acts being carried out by the government or other powerful people. Conspiracy theory are helpful because they encourage people to have an open mind and think outside of the box.

That may be the case for some theories, but there are also theories that have valid evidence, if it’s either video proof, articles or people admitting certain things about the event where the conspiracy theory is coming from, and people still deny them. For example, there is a theory that most singers in groups, Fifth Harmony, K-pop and other groups out there, are being treated like slaves and are getting paid almost as little to nothing.On the other hand, you have people who believe these stars are in perfect health, nothing bad happens to them, they are free to do whatever they want, their managers don’t monitor anything they do, and that is just not the case. I don’t personally believe that “all” conspiracy theorist have no valid evidence when they talk about certain topics. Obviously there are conspiracy theories where people believe that Donald Trump is an alien that satan sent from hell, and the person making this up believes this theory, of course the person or the people believing this has no proof at all. Even though that is extremely far-fetched, it doesn’t mean all conspiracy theories are ridiculous like that.

One of the main reasons why conspiracy theories are interesting to me, cause they make people think outside the box. You can even look at facts coming from a certain theory and come up with your own decision if you want to believe it or not . Not every single person who believes in the theories or come up with them are “crazy.” People call other people who believe these theories crazy, because they don’t want to believe everything what the news or the government tells us, so people call them crazy to discredit anything they have to say or believe in. Most theories out there, for example, 9/11 was done by the government, the moon landing was fake and how the company 23andMe takes your DNA so 50 years from now you can use it to deage you. All of these theories, when some people hear them, they call everyone who believes them or who comes up with them, crazy, but why? Not saying I believe in all of these theories, but they are definitely not crazy, and are not impossible from happening. If you look at the 23AndMe theory, why this doesn’t seem so farfetch for me, because, scientist have confirmed they are working on deaging for years now. Jose Codeiro, founding member of Singularity University, has said publicly that he does not plan on ageing, because a group of scientist are working on deaging, and he plans to look 30 years younger than the age he is now.

If we as a society were to able to sit down with someone, have a conversation with someone about their beliefs about a specific situation and just listen to what they had to say, most conspiracy theorists wouldn’t be called “crazy” for believing in them.

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