I lacked the thing people were defined by most

twisted up features covered by fails and fails of tries.


Normality shielded by your ignorance

my world blocked by the disgusted look on your immaculate faces

my head booming with perceptions that you will never hear. Not from my beastly face


Rejected time and time again by the gentleman with the perfect face

for “I am not allowed to hold crushes”

I have lost all hope for beauty. I have lost all hope for him. I have lost all hope to live


for there is no more trace.

I have stopped counting the remarks, for there will be no end.

There will never be a light at the end of the tunnel.


If only they could look right through me or overcome the scars

If only I was opaque, maybe they could see the real me:

The normal innocent school girl, the blonde popular one.


But my life does not go by the realistic fiction chapter books


I take my own path.

I may not color inside the lines.

the glass may even be half empty


But I cannot stop now.

I need to fight

fight for the clashing, the mis-matched.


This cannot be their destiny.

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