Bay Area = No Kind Of Grey Area

by Gemma J, age 12
Bay Area = No Kind Of Grey Area Gemma is 12-year-old living in the Bay Area. She has three different houses around the Bay Area, one with her mom, one with her dad and stepmother, and another one with her dad and stepmother. She has three cats, one old lady cat and two 4-year-old cats. She has one awesome older sister who also writes. Gemma likes to write fiction and fantasy. She has been writing since she was 5 years old, and her first polished piece was called 'Nini Is The Best Cat' (Nini is her cat). Her work has previously appeared in New Moon Girls Magazine.

“Drive to hills,
Drive to the bay,
Drive to the city,
Drive, drive away.”

Winding roads winding away,

Towering skyscrapers scraping today,

Wandering waves riding across the sea.

Skylines are scattered with buildings,


And trees.

Roads are rotten with people,


And fleas.

Drive to hills,

Drive to the bay,

Drive to the city,

Drive, drive away.

In Berkeley,

There’s thrift shops with jeans,

Cool cafes,

And streets filled with teens.

In San Francisco,

There’s always a disco,

There’s always something to do,

Be it walking in the park, or going to the shops.

In Sonoma County, 

The trees are always at a bounty,

You could never be frowny

In Sonoma County.

The Bay Area is

No kind of grey area

For it is the main area

And the greatest yay area.

Yes, it may have its issues,

But we shouldn’t pull out the tissues.

It is the Bay Area.

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