A Girl to Remember

by Mariana Sodi, age 12
A Girl to Remember Mariana loves old music from the 1920s to the 1990s. She's 12 years old and goes to William Alexander Middle School in New York. Mariana has always been the youngest in her grade, which was affected by her birthday which was very near the deadline to go with the group of 2004. Mariana acts younger than her age and likes to play things that 12-year-old girls probably wouldn't. Mariana is in a family of five. Her dad, Bosco Sodi, is an artist, and her mother sells vintage furniture. She has a younger and older brother. The three of them were born in Barcelona and have a Mexican family. Her family moved to Brooklyn when she was six.

“I remember her cheekbones / twirl / smile / grace / eyes / But I remember her pain / I remember her laughter / But that was before”

Please read the version of “A Girl to Remember“, a poetry collection by Mariana Sodi,¬†with preserved formatting by clicking on the hyperlink.

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